book our private room for your next party


1. Is there a room charge?​

       - No, there is no room charge required. If you would like to book and secure the           room, there will be a $100.00 deposit. The deposit will later be applied towards

        your check on the day of the party.

2. Is there a minimum guest seating required for the room? 

       - Minimum 12-14 persons.

3. Maximum capacity? 

       - The room seats up to 30-35 persons, comfortably. We have had parties up to

         43, but it does get a little tight. 

4. Table arrangements?

      - We can arrange the tables accordingly for your party as requested. Many larger

         parties like the "U shape" set up. Others may like an "L shape", or "two long lines"

         depending on party size. (Refer to images above)  

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